Bej Zamná Project Cozumel

Bej Zamná, meaning “The Path of Knowledge and Wisdom” in the Mayan language, is an educational project based on the anthroposophical teachings of humanist philosopher Rudolf Steiner. With the aim of educating free human beings, we believe in supporting the child’s natural stages of development. We strive to use the beauty and truth of the environment as a formative force in the child’s world, encouraging keen observation and reverence for life.

This project came to life when a group of parents on Cozumel decided that the educational institutions available were flawed and didn’t offer what they were looking for. This project aims to benefit all local children that are interested in a different path to learning.

We are in the process of creating a Waldorf/Rudolf Steiner school for children from 3 years old. The school itself will be built with sustainable materials in the jungle of Cozumel Island. The purpose of the school is to involve the local communities in caring for the island in a sustainable way. By having workshops open to children and families that do not attend the school, we can share knowledge of sustainable farming practices, recycling, and minimal waste. This is information that is taken for granted in other places but that is unheard of here, such as the fact that plastic is never decomposed; that when we can no longer see it, we are the ones ingesting it through the fish we eat.